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The Ministry Office is a fiscal sponsorship organization that seeks to administratively support ministries with our common purpose and mission.

The Ministry Office promotes the mission of our supporting organizations by addressing two common prohibiting factors for international ministries. Often fiscal sponsors have a very limited scope of whom they will partner with, leaving international ministries unable to apply for partnership. Or other fiscal partnership organizations offer partnership at a high commission rate that cripples the reach of fundraising efforts.     

In contrast, the Ministry Office partners with ministry leaders of diverse backgrounds and callings that share a common mission of caring for the poor. Freeing supporting organizations to do the good work to which they have been called. The Ministry Office assists with the administrative tasks that allow them to thrive. The Ministry Office also accomplishes this at the lowest possible cost so that the maximum amount of donated support get to the ministry field.  

Our partners seek to catalyze gospel-based reconciliation and build economic self reliance in communities world wide!

Our Current Partners

Your Donations are fully 

Tax Deductible!

The Ministry Office is an approved 501c3 

fiscal sponsorship organization by the IRS. 

We comply with all the regulations and requirements of the IRS to make your 

donations and grants fully tax deductible. 

You will receive a tax deductible receipt for 

all donations after it is received by our office and a calendar year summary of your 

donations by Jan. 31 of the year following.

GuideStar is a national registry of nonprofit organization that recognizes ministries of distinction and transparency.

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